There are only four states of being, or identity. Awareness, I (self), Dream (other), Universe (all).


This is the state you are born into, the state of being when you are first conscious of external stimuli. As an entity with awareness, the only requirement is one can acknowledge receiving some form of flow, or energy.

Examples: A baby crying. An insect navigating around.

I (Self-Awareness)

This is the state in which you begin to recognize one self. Where one can look in a mirror and see one’s own reflection and attribute it to their own being. Self-awareness is molded as an individual grows. In normal humans, toddlers begin development of self awareness around 1-3 years where they begin to know their own name and refer to themselves by their name. They will make clearer their own preferences, likes and dislikes, needs and wishes.

Dream (Other)

This is the state in which you associate yourself as part of a larger whole of others. An individual who associates his or her identity with his or her peers. This is sometimes refered to as ‘tribalism’. A few examples of this include citizenship (eg. “I am Canadian”), education (eg. “I am a University of Alberta alumni”), species (“I am human”).

In addition, this state can take on other, more abstract forms. You identify yourself with current states of being, like “I am hot/cold”. or “I am angry/sad”. You can identify yourself with age, “I am old/young/444 months alive”.

An entity identifies with a group, but still uses that identification as a method to separate one from another. In the trivial example, excluding cases of dual (or more) citizenship, one cannot be both Korean and Russian. One cannot be both 37 years old and 2 months old.


This is the state in which you are at one with your environment and all of your sensory inputs. The concept of “I am (value)” no longer applies as one identifies simultaneously with all values. One is simultaneously hot and cold, angry and sad. The perception of one self is intertwined with infinite. This is commonly described as “ego death”. One is merged with space, or other objects, or the universe. Loss of reality becomes so severe that it defies explanation.

The universe in which things are normally perceived ceases to exist. Satorienlightenment, or other equivalent labels.